QHSE Commitment

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QHSE Commitment

All employees and contractors of OMAX have promised that we take responsibilities for our duties.The top managers of OMAX will lead and supervise to keep the QHSE system works.


We promised that,


We will satisfy our clients’ special requirements and keep perfection.


Keep working on guarantee of our staff’s health and working condition.


Avoid any quality or HSE accident.


Set QHSE performance goal,outcome evaluation and use effective management system to improve our progress,service and quality.


A Plan-B for emergency will always be ready.Easier to deal with and recover.


Reduce the consumption of natural resources & emissions of waste,friendly to environment.


Use our superior technical to design our production & service under the HSE policy.


Negotiate with related parties to ensure our QHSE policy will be fully understood,improvement of company,share success.


Reward systems to superior performance.


All above items  will be fully applied under local legal policies,to achieve effective management so that we can create extra value for our clients,which is the key to success in business.