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Compound pressure-bearing lost circulation technique

article source:OMAX post time:2014-09-15

Features:The compound pressure-bearing lost circulation material Hi-Plug 100 and the compound high compressive strength netted lost circulation material Hi-Plug 300 are developed for plugging the lost circulation zones with a series of technical difficulties,such as, the hard-to-define porous media size,more than one thief zones,great amount of mud loss and demanding high compressive strength requirement . The plugging with it gets distinct result in fractured lost circulation and wide pore lost circulation .

Hi-Plug100 (300) is a new plugging materials and pollutants from the well for water or oil base mud. Which is characterized by plugging fast, time is short, high-quality and no longer appear complex leakage, can be the world's most effective plugging materials.

Application: In the Permian and other strata of Tahe Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, more than 10 wells, with an average efficiency over 75%, the equivalent density is increased by up to0.2g/cm3 and  the  blocking layer is no longer appear lost latterly.