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Chengdu OMAX - My “Home” -- At the 10th Anniversary of OMAX

article source:OMAX post time:2014-09-17

We tend to compare “Home” to a harbor, a warm nest, a shelter, and the source of love, etc. Everyone has his own home. No matter how rich or poor the home is, it is the harbor we need. Love makes home warm, contribution rich, and tolerance harmonious. Chengdu OMAX is my “Home”, harbor and warm nest.

OMAX, born on March 11, 2004, had her 10th birthday on March 11, 2014. During the 10 year, her development has been paid much attention by every “family member”. Her first name is BlueSky, second name is OMAC, and now her name is OMAX. All of her names witnessed her development. Her hardships, helplessness, struggle and achievements are recorded. The phrase “Bitter sweet” may express the voice of the founders, prove the characters of diligence, dedication and innovation of each OMAX people and imply the sorrows and tears, and success and joy of every “family” member.

I came to OMAX - our “home” on May 1, 2009 and it’s my honor to be a family member. There were only more than 50 people in the company when I came here. More members have joined for the five years, and now more than 90 people are in our company. Led by the senior leaders, our businesses have been developed not only in domestic market but in foreign markets. China-Bangkok project is a big business by the senior leaders. The company's performance is constantly growing. The sales volume is increased to CNY hundreds of millions from CNY hundreds of thousands at the beginning. Every “family” member is proud of the above achievements of her.

The senior leaders of our company held a grand celebration and organized a travel to Yaowanggu Valley in Beichuan County, Mianyang to show their gratitude to every “family” member and their efforts and achievements for the development of the company. Many activities are held during that period, including: walking on the red carpet, signing, artist program, drawing lots, campfire party and mountain-climbing, which embodies the warmth of “Home”.

In the celebration, Mr. Shang delivered a passionate speech, and at last he said with emotion: Thank you all for your hard work!!! After hearing that, every OMAX people burst into thunderous applause in excitement and the hardships in work disappeared immediately. I felt the warmth of “Home” when approved and understood by the senior leaders.

The senior leaders stood on both sides to welcome us to walk on the red carpet. When we entered the meeting place, they held our hands and said: Good job!!! They showed their respect for us and warmed us by this way. Only my “Home” has this kind of warmth.

Cheng OMAX - My “Home”. I am pride in choosing you without regrets.