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OMAX Oilfield Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. The head office locates in the Hi-tech zone of Chengdu of China, while the Shuangliu branch office in Shuangliu, the northwest office in Luntai and the southwest office in Langzhong. The Shuangliu branch office locates in the hub of West China-the Industry Garden of the Southwest Airport Development Zone in Chengdu city, mainly engaging in the production and research and development, covering an area of more than 10000 square meters, and owns a whole set of standard steel-structured buildings: the manufactory, warehouse, modern office building, research building and residential building. It is only 5 kilometers away from Chengdu International Airport, and adjacent to the Cheng-Ya highway, the Airport highway and the around-city highway, and with the airport advantage and traffic convenience.

As the national western development encouraging industry, OMAX mainly engages in the development of the petroleum engineering technology, and the research, production, marketing of the oilfield chemicals. In addition, it supplies professional engineering technology service on the wellsite. At the same time, it has been united recognized as the Hi-tech Enterprise by the Science and Technology Agency of Sichuan province, the Financial Department of Sichuan province, the Taxation Bureau of Sichuan province and the Local Taxation Bureau of Sichuan province. Besides, OMAX has been approved by the ISO9001 quality management system and acquired the certificate of "the implementation standards of Sichuan Province Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau" in 2006,  All the products are produced according to the implementation standards. Currently, the annual production capacity of all kinds of additives is up to 5000 tons.

OMAX is the qualified supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation) with professional engineering technicians with years of rich experience in oil well drilling, cementing and completing engineering, oilfield chemicals researching, field operating, and system designing. Among the 91 employees, 65 percent have Bachelor degree or above, with 5 postgraduates, 24 undergraduates, 20 junior college students, and 3 senior engineers and 15 engineers. In OMAX, a large part of employees, especially the senior management comes from domestic major oilfields. Depending on the team with high education, high quality and high skill, the powerful technical strength and the superior property products, OMAX has become to the major supplier of the product and service.

OMAX establishes the cement slurry laboratories of industry-leading level in Chengdu (in Sichuan), Langzhong (in Sichuan) and Luntai (in Xinjiang), which are in line with the United States API standards. In Chengdu production and R&D base, OMAX has a whole set of standard manufacturing equipments and testing devices: a physical laboratory, an analysis laboratory, a compounding workshop and a dry-blending workshop.

OMAX establishes a “Cooperative education base” with Southwest Petroleum University, forming a “production-learning-research” integration, and builds the “OMAX scholarship” in Southwest Petroleum University. It not only provides a learning place for students, but also provides a job opportunity.

OMAX possesses several leading-leveled cementing and slurry technologies both at home and abroad. Over 70% of the cementing with OMAX‘s products and service are qualified to be excellent. In recent years, aiming at solving cementing difficulties in complex geological wells, such as, the super-deep wells, the super-high temperature and pressure wells, the low pressure easy leak-off and easy blowout wells, and the super-long cementing sections, OMAX has researched and developed a series of products, such as ,the salt water and fresh water high temperature-resistant cement slurry, the high density and low density cement slurry, the slim hole and small annular clearance well cementing slurry, and the super-long section cementing slurry with great top-bottom temperature difference, all receiving extraordinary application effect. In cementing the Keshen7 well, Xuwen3 well, Tashen1 well, Hefei203 well, Yuanba1-1 well, Yuanba1 well, etc, OMAX set several domestic and overseas records, like, the deepest cementing section(8408m), the highest circulating temperature in bottom hole(180), the highest density(2.65g/cm3), the deepest well with super-low density(7420m), the longest one step cementing(4550m), the deepest well with high density(7830m),etc. And successful complete 33 of the 38 wells in  the main engineering technical services,of the Sinopec Puguang branch, contributed to Puguang gas field development; now OMAX has been the service provider of  Sinopec Northwest Oilfield Branch, Sinopec South Exploration Company and the Tarim Oilfield Branch.

The cement additives OMAX is currently able to research and develop include: Fluid loss additive series, retarder series, anti-channeling additives series, accelerator series, dispersant series, defoaming Series, spacer series, chemical wash series, lightening additive series, filler series, etc, about ten series, dozens of products in all. Its products’ application and technology service experience have nearly covered the whole range of the domestic and overseas cementing.  (temperature from30to230, density from0.9g/cm3~3.0 g/cm3