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Prepad fluid system

article source:OMAX post time:2014-09-15

   Technology characteristics: It is well compatible with the mud and slurry and can remove the oil effectively. Both the chemical wash and the spacer can be weighted and can clear away the loose mud cake and mud on the surface to increase the interface bonding quality. The spacer’s rheological property and model is adjustable. It is salt-resistant even in saturated water, doesn’t precipitate even under180and can be weighted to the density of2.8 g/cm3.

   Application situation: By December 2010, it had been used in more than 500 wells, both salt water and fresh water included with the maximum depth of 8408 meters, maximum temperature of180℃and maximum density of2.60 g/cm3. Being used as a special technology, it helps increase the distinct rate in evaluating cementing quality by 15%.