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The First Broadcast Exercises Match of Chengdu OMAX Successfully Held

article source:OMAX post time:2015-12-24

On May 4, 2015, all employees took an active part in the first broadcast exercises match held by the corporate headquarters. The activity was aiming at enriching the cultural life of the employees, enhancing their physical quality and promoting the keep-fit activity.

The game participants were divided in to four groups by drawing lots. Each group comprised 12 participants. Assistant General Manager Mr. Jiang and Branch Manager Mr. Chen refereed the match. The match had detailed rules. The clothing, formation, movement, rhythm, etc. were graded.

After the announcement of the match, each group specially downloaded the teaching video of broadcast exercises, and practiced each movement every day. After a month’s preparation, all groups did well in the match. Each group fought for victory by their loud slogans, orderly and standard movement, youthful appearance and inspiring spiritual outlook. The match was going on in order. The participants moved deftly and perfectly when stretching out their hands, throwing out chests, turning bodies, putting the legs out or bowing. Their vigor embodied the elegant demeanor of OMAX people.

The most beautiful members in some groups are sent to deliver stool and mineral water to the referees in order to get a high score, and kept saying:” Dear referee, please remember our number”. Some groups planned to wear white T-shirt to take part in the match. But since some members did not have pure white T-shirts, so they put the T-shirts with the white back on backwards, which seemed very interesting. Everyone had a happy time in the match.

Finally, Group 4 won the match by one point. Executive Deputy General Manager Ms. Chen. congratulated them by pasting a big smile mark on the face of each member of the winning group.

The broadcast exercises match ended successfully. All participants not only got exercises and enhanced physical quality, but had a wonderful time in their spare time. The match also shows that we love sports, life and our OMAX family. Meanwhile, the OMAX people will work harder every day with better spiritual state by turning their effort in the match into impetus for working.