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“Health, Hiking, Happiness” Hiking Activity Held

article source:OMAX post time:2015-12-24

On Oct. 31, 2014, more than thirty people took part in the forth “Health, Hiking, Happiness” hiking activity. The route starts from OMAX, along Huangjia Avenue and Muhua Road to Forest Villa. The round trip of 11.6 km has been the longest journey since OMAX organized the hiking activity.

The mighty hiking team starts off with enthusiasm in heart and smile on face as the departure music starts. It is autumn, but the plants along the road are luxuriant and green. Breeze mixes with drizzle, and gentle flowery flavor comes with slight earthy smell. Putting aside the tension and rush of work, we laugh and cheer with happiness and youthful spirit, relax our mind, enjoy the scenery along the way and take a breath of fresh air.

We encourage and cheer up each other when feeling tired; the ones who walking ahead slow down the step and take care of the ones walking behind. All of us return back to OMAX with harmony happiness after hiking for two hours.

The hiking activity further shows the spirituality of youth, vigor and effort of OMAX staff, strengthens the group cohesiveness, and reflects our care on the physical and psychological health of staff. We should foster awareness of environmental protection and low carbon, and be OMAX staff with great love and social responsibility.