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Traveling in Sanya and Thailand

article source:OMAX post time:2015-12-24

In 2014, OMAX completed the expected operation targets and tasks under the guidance of leadership and joint effort of staff after the severe test of market environment and obstacles. General Manager Shang Yong once said, “OMAX could not complete the expected target of performance without the efforts of each of you.” OMAX adheres to the management philosophy of “people-oriented”, and advocates happy life and work. In order to thank staff for their efforts and contributions, OMAX organizes Sanya trip for grass-roots staff and Thailand trip for top and middle level staff.

Part I: Sanya

On Mar. 19, 2015, we started our first long-yearning Sanya trip. Excitement and joy cannot be hid on the face of everyone. Some of us take a plane for the first time, some see the sea for the first time, some stay close to the sea for the first time, and some eat seafood for the first time. The gift and surprise given by OMAX contributes to so many first times.

We visit some famous scenic spots of Sanya according to the route arranged by travel agency in the following days. Intoxicating sunshine paints on us, and beautiful scenery of Sanya embraces us.

Everyone comes from different departments, and some of who meet, talk and dine with other colleagues for the first time. However, no one feels strange, but seems like old friends for many years. We cheer and jump together, and jump up with different poses and take photos on the stones by the sea. What is more creative is that we post to form the logo “OMAX”. The logo is not the same as the company’s, but the joy and happiness herein have lodged in the memory of each OMAX person. We organize “water polo game” in the warm seawater of Yalong Bay, bringing the attitudes toward life of unity and optimism to every corner of Sanya. Here is another impressive thing, we are so excited because the first time to see the sea that we take out our mobile phones to take photos in Tianya Haijiao, but the waves suddenly surging toward us fall mobile phones of two or three colleague into the sea water.

There are so many stories that cannot be share in details. Bright sunshine, cheerful waves, blue seawater and graceful coconut palm of Sanya will stamp into our memory. We will bring the joyful mood and the united and cooperative attitude into our work and life, and contribute our efforts to OMAX through the active work.

Part II: Thailand

On 27, Mar., we began our Thailand trip with excitement and hopes. Everything in Phuket Island of Thailand -- the island full of exoticism and smile, including blue sky and white cloud, crystal sea and coconut tree as well as people speaking different languages, is temptation for us.

The blue sea, beautiful corals, swimming fishes, clear sky and fresh air in Phuket Island make us feel carefree and refreshing. We feel ease and happy when seeing the understanding smile and hearing the friendly greeting “savoie deckard”.

The guide informs us to be careful, and life jackets must be put on once on the boat in the island. When we just return, the news that one yacht blasted in Thailand and life jackets save the overboard people make us feel fear after the event. Therefore, we should not be frightened by troubles, and safety must be implemented in all aspects. We cannot touch sea urchin in sea, so the guide catches and puts a sea urchin in the boat to enable us to take a close look. However, the thorn of sea urchin pricks a foot of a female colleague, the guide keeps flapping the hurt foot, and the colleague cries out in pain. It teaches us a breathtaking lesson -- safety must be emphasized in all aspects and cannot be treated lightly.

Everyone has various odd fantasies of sea walking. Does the underwater world look the same as that on TV? Can our heart bear the stress in sea walking? We find the sea walking is as steady and easy as walking on the road when experiencing by ourselves. Underwater world is full of wonderful things. Accompanied by beautiful corals and fishes, we smash all troubles, inject all happiness and surprise in our blood, and enjoy the peace and miracle given by the sea.

I appreciate the customs and practices of Thailand so much, including no loud talking, smoking, drinking and gambling in public places, love and respect of Thai people to their king, respect and fear to Buddhist culture.

Beautiful times is always short, the seven-day trip has come to an end in a flash. We harvest relaxed mood, joyful time, happy laughters and cheerful voices all the way and an unforgettable trip. The trip enhances our friendship, adding color to our OMAX life.


Thanks to OMAX, we bid farewell to the noisy city, enjoy exotic scenery and appreciate exotic customs and practices by the deep spring; thanks to colleagues, accompanied by their hearty laughter, we put aside work pressure and integrate into the team with harmony, optimism, generosity and passion. We will carry out our work with a passion for life given by the trip, make contributions to OMAX and strive for ourselves.