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1. Right Statement

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2. Disclaimer

Unless Otherwise Stated By The Company Or Provided By The Law (Below), The Company Will Not Guarantee The Accuracy, Timeliness, Effectiveness, Stability, Availability And Inviolability Of Right Of Others For The Contents On The Website Expressly Or Impliedly, Stability Of Web Server And Network And Availability Of Browsing, Reading And Using The Website At Any Time. The Company Can Modify The Contents On The Website At Any Time, But Will Not Guarantee To Provide Update Notification Timely When Changing The Contents. The Company And Its Higher Management, Employees, Agents, Affiliated Companies And Subsidiaries Shall Not Be In Any Way Liable For Any Direct Or Indirect Liabilities To Anyone For Sending Or Negatively Sending Any Information Or Sending Error And Inaccurate Information. When Allowed By Law, The Company Shall Not Be Responsible For Any Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Consequential, Special, Punitive Or Exemplary Damages (Including But Not Limited To Income, Expected Profit, Business, Information Data And Property Damage Losses) To Anyone For Using Or Failing To Use The Information Or Any Links Or Items Provided By The Website.

The Contents On The Website Relating To The Products, Prices, Customer Services And Sales Of The Company Shall Be Subject To Formal Contract, Commitment And Agreements Of Related Business Department. The Contents On The Website Do Not Represent The Actual Service Process, Procedure Or Contract, So The Company Shall Not Fulfill The Corresponding Obligations Or Responsibilities.

The Company And Its Personnel Shall Not Be Liable For The Damages Or Losses Of Your Computer System And Any Other Software, Hardware, IT Systems Or Properties Caused By Viruses Or Other Destructive Programs When You Browse And Use The Website Or Download Any Content From The Website.

3. Predictive Statement

The Information Published By The Website May Contain The Predictive Statements Relating To Business Strategy, Expected Performance, Investment Plan, Industrial Competition And Product Policies Of The Company. Such Statement Shall Contain Some Risk Factors And Uncertainties To Reflect The Current Perspectives For The Future Events Of The Company, Not The Guarantees For Business Performance In The Future. The Performance Outcome Of The Company May Lead To Significant Discrepancy Due To Some Risk Factors. These Risk Factors Will Be Stated In The Annual Report, Interim Report, Provisional Report And Temporary Notice Of The Company.

All Words Relating To The Company Such As “Expect”, “Plan”, “Believe”, “Forecast”, “Hope”, “May” And “Intend” In The Contents Represent The Predictive Statement. The Company Will Not Guarantee The Timeliness Of These Predictive Statements.

4. Materials Submitted By Users:

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5. Contents Exchanged By Users

The Company Will Not Be Responsible For Monitoring Or Reviewing The Information Send Or Posted By The Users Or Any Information Separately Exchanged Among Users, Including But Not Limited To The Information Exchanged Through Message Boards, Forums Or Other User Forums. The Company Will Assume No Responsibility For The Information Exchanged Through Theses Ways, No Matter Whether The Information Will Give Rise To Libelous, Privacy, Obscene, Or Other Problems. The Company Reserves The Right To Delete The Insulting, Defamatory, Libelous, Obscene Or Other Objectionable Information.

6. Software Application

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9. The Right To Interpret The Announcement And Use Of The Website Is Entitled To The Company.