Technical Service

This information outlines the technical support and service centers in different regions. 

1. Xinjiang Technical Service Center:

   - Personnel: 14-18 residents

   - Facilities: Standardized cement slurry laboratory, with over 20 oil well cement testing instruments and a 2,000-square-meter storage facility.

   - Capability: Able to provide cement slurry technical services for 8-10 wells simultaneously.

2. Southwest Technical Service Center:

   - Personnel: 7-9 residents

   - Facilities: Standardized cement slurry laboratory for comprehensive cement slurry performance evaluation.

   - Capability: Experienced staff for on-site cement slurry testing and well cementing services.

3. Jidong Qinghai Technical Service Center:

   - Personnel: 4-6 residents

   - Capability: Skilled technical personnel with field service experience, capable of independent cement slurry testing and on-site service. Can provide reinforcements within 24 hours if needed.

4. North China Technical Service Center:

   - Personnel: 2-3 residents

   - Capability: Experienced technical personnel with the ability to conduct cement slurry testing and on-site services independently.

5. Chengdu Corporate Headquarters:

   - Technical Service and R&D Quality Inspection Departments.

   - Prepared with 8-10 technical service personnel who can reach various domestic markets within 12 hours to provide on-site technical services.

These centers are strategically located and well-equipped to provide technical support and services to different regions, ensuring efficient and effective assistance.

Service Network


Company headquarters

Xihanggang Industrial Park, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Xinjiang region

Hongqiao Industrial Park, Luntai County, Korla

Jidong Project Department

Tanghai, Tangshan City, China

Qinghai Project Department

Cold Lake and Huatu Gou

Southwest region

Changning and other places in Sichuan Province, China

North China Project Department

Binhai, Tianjin, China