Cement Elastic-plastic Agent ELP-1S

Cement Elastic-plastic Agent


Description and Primary Function:

ELP-1S is a kind of gray black powder which divide into two different kinds.(moderated temperature ELP-1S and high temperature ELP-1S). It can improve the cement mechanical properties like increasing impact-resistant toughness, reducing elasticity modulus and increasing Poisson’s ratio. Applied in oil-well cement, it can obviously improve the cement resistance against perforation, fracturing and other mechanical impacts. Furthermore, it can improve the stability of cement slurry, reduce its free water, fills small space and increase its compactness, prevent corrosion, increase adhesive properties and accelerate the early development of cement compressive strength.

Interaction with Other Additives:

It is compatible with other additives, adapt to all kinds of water.

Method of Application:

ELP-1S dry mixed in cement.

Packing and Storage:

Packed with paper or other special industrial package for powders. Store in a cool place, avoid putting together with other materials. Keep it away from a long-time direct sunshine, ignition sources and heat. Two years of storage period. If overdue, need to retest before use it.


Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves. Avoid inhalation. Do not contact with eyes, skin and clothing. When it contacts skin and eyes, rinse with clean water for 15 minutes. If inhaled, move to fresh air. If swallowed, immediately wash out mouth with warm water and call a physician.


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