Iraq BADRA Project Hits High Record In Cementing Quality

Time:2023-05-07 Click:

In July 2015, The Drilling For Well PX3 Of Iraqi BADRA Oilfield Was Successfully Finished, With Drilling Cycle 80 Days In Advance. The Good Rate Of Cementing Quality Of 5-1/2” Tail Pipe Refreshes The Record In This Block. “It Is The Best SBL Of The All Badra Oilfield Casing Cementing History”, Said By Vladimir, Manager Of Well Cementation And Completion Of Gazprom. We Are Highly Praised And Affirmed From His Comments.

Ell PX3 Is A Production Well In BADRA Oilfield Of Gazprom, Also The Third Well Drilled After Well PX1 And Well PX2, With Design Depth 4905m, Design Cycle 325 Days, The Actual Depth 4902m, Actual Drilling Cycle 245 Days, And Drilling Cycle 80 Days In Advance, And Over 100 Days In Advance Compared With The Drilling Cycle Of Well PX1 And Well PX2; The First Pass Yield Rate Of Cementing Operation Is 100%, And Cementing Quality Makes Major Breakthrough Based On The Original Cementation, Providing Favorable Conditions To Shorten The Drilling Cycle.

BADRA Oilfield Is Located In The Worldwide Oilfield Blocks Which Are Extremely Hard To Drill, The World's Top 4 Biggest Oilfield Services Companies And Other International Oilfield Services Companies Are Defeated Here. The Geological Conditions Of This Block Are Very Complex, Owning Typically Unconventional Deep Wellbore Configuration, Extra-Large Borehole At The Upper Part, Small Gaps At The Lower Narrow Part; The Saturated Salt-Water Drilling Fluid, Ultra-High Density Drilling Fluid, Saturated Salt-Water And Ultra-High Density Slurry And Other High Requirements And Difficulties Drilling And Completion Fluid System Are Used For The Whole Interval. The Complex Drilling And Completion Measures Also Bring Many Troubles For The Well Cementation. Thus, The Cementing Quality Becomes A Key Technology To Overcome BADRA Oilfield.

In April 2014, Following The Well-Known Oil Service Companies In China, The Employees From OMAX Came To Iraq With OMAX’s Unique Cementing Technology And Embarked On A Dangerous, Difficult And Challenging Tour. The Technical Team Of OMAX Actively Participated In Base Construction, Equipment Modification, Goods Receiving And Warehousing Management After Arriving At The Scene, And Satisfies The Spudding Acceptance Standards Within The Specified Date. After Spudding, The Technical Team Constantly Optimizes The Cement Slurry Formula, Implements Process Control, Personally Monitors The Preparation, Actively Communicates With The Gazprom, Improves The Construction Technology, Perfects The Construction Plan To Provide The Best Performance Of Slurry And Process Measures. Thus, The Difficulties Of Compounding For Salt-Water Ultra-High Density Slurry, Cleaning For Large-Size Borehole And Low Strength Of Salt-Water High Density Slurry Are Solved. With The Deepening Of The Project, The First Pass Yield Rate Of Cementing And Cementing Quality Has Gradually Improved, And The Cementing Technical Quality Of Well PX1 And Well PX2 Has Better Than That Of Schlumberger. The Cementing Quality For Well PX3 Hits A New Record.

BADRA Oilfield Cementing Integrated Technology Service Project Is A Bold Attempt In The International Market Made By OMAX, And The Further Extension And Expansion Of Cementing Technology Services. Successful Operation Of The Project Demonstrates The Good Admixtures And Cement Grout System Of OMAX, Excellent Cementing Technology And High-Quality Technical Services Team. In Addition, A Solid Foundation And Valuable Experiences Are Provided For The “Package” Cementing Technology Services Strategy.